Official Guardian Flag

War flag of Guardian

Unofficial seal of Guardian
Guardian Motto: Strength through Unity
Founder(s) Prefontaine, Kadin and Skable
Founded July 11th, 2011
Triumvirate Britannia, Shellhound and Kadin
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Speirs
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Keegoz
  • Minister of War: Vacant
Chancellor mankiller

As of February 24th, 2013
Total Nations Unspecified; over 40
Strength Unknown
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Guardian is one of the oldest alliances in Project Terra's history, being around since July 11, 2011.


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The (2nd) Guardian DoE.


The New Charter of Guardian

War History

Wars in Project Terra - Alpha 1

Prior to the First Update Guardian engaged in a war with Sparta for both alliances get practice in war. Liking what we saw, and how both parties handled it, Guardian signed an Mutual Defense Pact with Sparta.

After the update GOONS placed spies inside Guardian, whereupon discovery by the Guardian government hostilities grew between the two groups. Finally GOONS declared War on Guardian. Several days later both Governments announced peace with each other, and hostilities were ended.

Wars in Project Terra - Alpha 2

After Terra Grata was caught raiding Guardian, war has been declared. Terra Grata used a overlook in game mechanics to build up huge armies in a few nations, as well as make hundreds of billions of dollars. After Guardian declared war, Terra Grata retaliated with an announcement. Eventually the war concluded and the result was white peace between Guardian and Terra Grata.

Guardian suffered the worst of this war, and would face weeks of rebuilding.


Vanguard Policies