Laws In your nations government you can propose a new law each day. If passed, the law will come into effect and will begin to affect your nation. Laws range from criminal laws such as what is illegal to constitutional laws about the fundamentals of your nation. Some laws are harder to pass then others, and even with a majority, you may find it difficult to pass certain extreme laws due to backbench revolts. If a law is passed and you do not like the effects it has on your nation, you may vote to repeal the law. This counts as legislation, and you would then be unable to pass a law that day.


Laws effect different aspects of your nation. The following are the areas that laws can effect: Funds, Government Satisfaction, Life Expectancy, Disease Rate, Power Consumption, Power Use, Birth Rate, Literacy Rate, Population Happiness, Unemployment Rate, Crime Rate, Power Generation, Immigration Rate, and Death Rate.

Some stats are changed more easily than others. Immigration Rate, Life Expectancy, Birth Rate, and Death Rate might barely move from a laws passage even if it has a strong effect. Other areas of your nation are more easily effected such as Population Happiness, Government Satisfaction, Crime Rate, Literacy Rate, and Funds.


There are 5 categories of law in Project Terra and each category focuses on a different aspect of your nation. The five different categories are as follows: