Lucky Number 7 Treaty

Seven Kingdoms
Roman Empire

Treaty Type: MDAP
Treaty Signed: August 14, 2011
Treaty Terminated: November, 2011
Treaty Status: Cancelled


The Lucky Number 7 Treaty was an MDAP between Roman Empire and Seven Kingdoms signed on August 14, 2011, during PT 1.0. It was the first treaty signed by SK and the only treaty signed by RE. Several of the founders of SK had been in RE in the game CyberNations: Tournament Edition, so when the rest of RE migrated to PT, SK was quick to establish great relations with them, and the treaty followed soon after. RE and SK were each others closest treaty partners until Project Terra went down for several months in November 2011. When that happened, SK cancelled the treaty as they had all of their other treaties, wanting to treat PT 2.0 as a fresh start.

Text of the TreatyEdit




Last night the folks from the Seven Kingdoms ran into the folks from the Roman Empire and the darnedest thing happened. We found out that, in fact, SK was founded with 7 kingdoms. We found out, in fact, that RE was founded on 7 hills. We found out, in fact, that 7 was our lucky number! Some might chalk that up to coincidence, but my fortuneteller would disagree, and I don’t pay her 20 bucks an hour to be wrong.Naturally we did the only logical thing and signed a treaty.


Article 1: SovereigntyEdit

The Seven Kingdoms and Roman Empire understand that they will remain separate, sovereign entities under this agreement.

Article II. Non-AggressionEdit

Neither alliance shall engage in any aggressive act towards the other, be it through direct war, the disseminating of harmful information, or marking up the other with the number 13. The two also agree to pass on any information relevant to the safety of the other.

Article III. Economic CooperationEdit

The members and financial institutions of the Seven Kingdoms and the Roman Empire agree to trade and grant loans to one another on the same terms as they would their own members.

Article IV. Mutual Defense and AggressionEdit

The Seven Kingdoms and Roman Empire are bound to each other in peace and in war. An attack on or by one alliance shall be see as an attack on or by the other. Whatever the odds, we roll our dice together and hope for snake eyes. Each may request that the other stay out of any given conflict if they so desire.

Article V. Mutual BadassEdit

Both alliances agree to remain badass at all times.

Article VI. ConsultationEdit

In order to prevent miscommunication and prevent foreign policy confusion, RE and SK agree to consult each other on all major foreign policy moves.

Article VII. CancellationEdit

Should either alliance wish to cancel this treaty, they must give the other 72 hours notice, during which time the treaty shall still be in effect.

Signed for Roman Empire:

Emperor - Carpatus

Praetor of War - ADude

Praetor of Internal Affairs - Ed

Praetor of Foreign Affairs - Stelios


Signed for the Seven Kingdoms August 14, 2011

Black Panther --King

Saruman --King's Hand and Lord of House Baratheon

Mikey --Lord of House Tyrell

Nikolai --Lord of House Stark

Dwitty --Lord of House Arryn

Omniscientone --Lord of House Tully

Mordecai --Lord of House Lannister

Treaty was cancelled when PT went inactive, November 2011