Seven Kingdoms
SK flag

Flag of the Seven Kingdoms

War Flag of the Seven Kingdoms
SK Motto: Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood
Founder(s) Mikey, Cody K, The King, Chasm, Tenages, Gil, Lionheart
Founded March 17, 2011
King Tenages
Lord Chancellor Mikey
Ruling Council

Lord High Steward: Dwitty, Duke of House Arryn

Lord Commander: Cody K, Duke of House Blackfyre

Grand Maester: Moridin, Prince of House Martell

Lord Seneschal: Mordecai, Grand-Duke of House Gower

As of February 24th, 2013
Total Nations Unspecified; over 40
Strength Unspecified
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The Seven Kingdoms is one of the main alliances in Project Terra. It was founded in March 2011 under the name Free People of Earth, and with that, is the oldest alliance in Project Terra.

The (2nd) Seven Kingdoms DoE.


(Charter of the Seven Kingdoms)


A list of all SK governments, government members, terms of office and founders since the beginning of the alliance can be found here

The history of the Seven Kingdoms is long and storied and can be found on the SK website.

A timeline of notable events has been provided for your viewing enjoyment:


  • March 17th , Free People of Earth (later renamed Seven Kingdoms) founded
  • April - July - PT goes on hiatus
  • July 19 - Seven Kingdoms is born on Terra (DoE)
  • July 22 - SK opposes expanded powers for the World Council [1]
  • July 29 - SK passes 50 members
  • September 5 - Lionheart is removed as King and booted from the alliance
  • October 11 - Terran Commune announces the Solidarity Doctrine, sparking a Quasi War with SK [2]
  • October 19 - The Seven Kingdoms of Sparta treaty (SK-Sparta MDP) is signed. [3]
  • November 13 - A Whiskey Feueled Pact (SK-BK ODP) is signed. [4]


  • March 17 - SK celebrates its one year anniversary [5]
  • July 24 - SK declars war on GATO [6]
  • July 30 - BK informally disbands and its members join SK. Formal disbandment is posted 3 days later.

Foreign Affairs Edit

The Seven Kingdoms is a paperless alliance, and does not sign binding military treaties. SK helped pioneer the paperless movement, and was the first alliance to go paperless.

During PT Alpha 1.0 SK held several treaties, all of which were cancelled upon the games return and the start of PT Alpha 2.0 These treaties were:

The Lucky Number 7 Treaty, a Mutual Defense, Aggression treaty with the Roman Empire, signed 08/14/11

The D'oh Accords, a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression treaty with Guardian, signed 08/17/11

The Seven Kingdoms of Sparta treaty, a Mutual Defense treaty with Sparta, signed 10/19/11

A Whiskey Fueled Pact - an Optional Defense treaty with BK, signed 11/13/11. Though it never become active with the game being down.


War Combatants Result Notes
SK-TC Quasi War SK vs TC SK Victory

After heated debate, threats, and raids on TC protected alliances, Terran Commune implodes during a war vote.

SK-GATO SK vs GATO SK Victory Maxfiles ragequits while refusing to relinquish control of GATO, effectively disbanded the alliance.