250px-Flag of Sparta.svg

Official flag of Sparta
Sparta Motto: Through Sacrifice and Unity comes Strength
Founder(s) Silent Spectre, Holy Empire of Halin, Valek, Enzos, Njall, Lukapaka
Founded July 15, 2011
International relations Guardian - MDoAP
Seven Kingdoms - MDoAP

As of 2012
Total Nations Unknown
Strength Unknown
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Sparta was an alliance in the first era of Project Terra. It disbanded in early 2012.


During the first incarnations of Project Terra, Sparta was a force to be reckoned with. Peaking at over 23,000,000 strength and over 100 members, Sparta always ranked amongst the top alliances. In fact, on July 29, 2011, Sparta was ranked as the number one alliance (by total strength) and was amongst the first five alliances to be 'sanctioned,' earning them a pip on the Project Terra forums. Other historical accomplishments by Sparta included the first treaty ever signed in Project Terra; The Anti-Marriage Accords (a MDP between Sparta and R&R), which was signed on July 18, 2011.

Unfortunately, due to falling levels of membership involvement after several resets, Sparta's influence began to wane as 2011 wore on. Ultimately, Sparta ceased to exist during the blackout period between November of 2011 and January of 2012. While Njall, Archephor of Sparta, briefly tried to revive the alliance after Project Terra came back online in early January, 2012, he soon realized that the glory days of Sparta had passed. Wishing to not tarnish the reputation of this once-premiere alliance by keeping around a meager revival attempt, Njall instead elected to let the memory of Sparta rest in peace. He cut off all diplomatic efforts that had been started since the relaunch, disabled the Sparta forums, and disappeared into the midst of a newly-reenergized Project Terra.