Tsarsdom of Vulgria-Transylvania

The Tsardom of Vulgria-Transylvania is an Absolute Monarchy, however Parliament does have some athurity in the nation providing democratic representatives for the population. The nation is located in Southern Eastern Europe, around the Carpathian mountians and the largest region being Translyvania. 

The nation is a very conservative nation, wishing for tradition above all else, amoung the fact that they are athiests. The population is 89.26% comprising Vampires, the highest consentration of Vampires in a nation in the world. This has meant that the Tsardom is considered the Vampire homeland and capital, not just because of how it is one of a few nations worldwide that provide full rights for Vampires in law.

Histroy 1211-1643 (The Duchy of Vulgria)Edit

Vulgrian history goes back to 1167 AD, when the first know text of the Vulgrian language was recorded. 

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